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Community Guidelines

  1. Be respectful
    • This group is for Yes Fam to connect and get inspired by sharing their unique life experiences. Help us keep it that way by making sure to treat each other with kindness and respect.
  2. Be mindful of your interactions
    • We aim to showcase a variety of stories about seeking discomfort, choosing love over fear, overcoming obstacles, and being your authentic self. Irrelevant comments or posts are subject to removal.
  3. Get connected with a Yes Fam Subgroup
    • Your post may be better suited for one of our existing subgroups or chats. Check out our different tabs above.
  4. Share your post in the Yes Fam Support subgroup
    • Yes Fam Support is a safe space to share your experiences, request advice on a specific situation, and receive positive vibes from supportive Yes Fam.
  5. Use the search bar to find similar posts
    • We want to be considerate of everyone’s newsfeeds by limiting the number of repeat posts. Take a moment to search keywords and you may find a similar post already exists. Comment on that instead!
  6. Be careful when sharing personal information
    • Take steps to protect yourself when engaging online or in person. Report any issues to a Community Manager immediately. Yes Theory is not liable for any interactions between group members.
  7. No self-promotion, business promotion or spam
    • Give more than you take! Promotion of any kind, spam, crowdfunding, and external links are not allowed. Do not ask for followers or subscribers. Use subgroups to meet Yes Fam and build connections.
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